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Crazy week! Hard to pick the right upsets and I may have to quit looking at those odds and go with my gut!
Finally we have a competition going into Mondays game.
Greenarator has 11 and Pittsburgh and OldBuck7 has 10 and Tampa Bay. Pittsburgh wins so does Greenarator and if Tampa Bay wins Greenarator (49) 51-under, 52T. OldBuck7 (55) 53-over, 52T. Good Luck!
Fast Fact, half the pool has TB, half has PIT for tonight!

Greenarator wins the week with 12!



Good Morning! Hope you all enjoyed our wintery weekend here in Edmonton! For you folks in Ontario, don't say anything!
Just to be clear if any body was wondering....because it has happened twice now in consecutive weeks, when there is a tie game, we all get the game as a win!
Now to the good stuff! Fin it to Win it has already won the week with 13 going into tonight's game. He has no challengers as Tooltymes and Boilerman are in the rear view mirror with 11. But still try to enjoy tonight's games!
Standings to be posted by noon tomorrow!



Good morning! Well the first week is in the books and our winner for the week, with 12, is one of last years overall winners, Nail R Down. He had it won going into last night so there was no other scenario to report. Standings will be posted on the website just after noon.